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Not sure if your business is broken? Are your revenues decreasing or remaining flat? Do you have issues with bad customer reviews? Are you not able to attract new capital? Is your team consistently disagreeing with each other? Are you at your wits end and contemplating throwing in the towel? This sounds like most early stage businesses. There are ways to get out. Companies like HALI Capital Group are looking for businesses to fix.


What we do:


  • Invest our time and assets as the new CEO of the business
  • Invest our cash, for scaling sales/marketing needs
  • Get a material and majority stake in business we are excited about


What we are looking for is companies that:


  • Are B2C
  • Have a solid product or service that is up and running
  • Have 1MM of annual revenues
  • The business must be cash flow neutral


We have a proven track record for revitalizing businesses.  We know that sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to review your business and get it back on the right track to growth.  We are always looking for new opportunities and if you are or you know a business that can benefit from a very experienced team of experts to help you turn your business around, we want to talk to you.


If interested in learning more about how HALI Capital Group can help you turn your business around and get the growth you are looking for, please contact us.  Be specific about your business.  We need to know the revenues, unit level economics, pain points, team, marketing, location, etc., so we can be sure we can help.  We are not able to work with everyone under this model, however reach out to us to see if this is a partnership that can work.




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