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A New Chapter for HALI Capital Group

Non-Profit Failure

Thousands of Non-Profits fail every year. The culprit? No sustainability in depending on donations to keep them open. There are 4 keys things that cause Non-Profits to fail:


  • Personnel Salaries
  • Leases
  • Utilities
  • Inconsistency in Donations

Our solution is assisting Non-Profits to establish and fund raise an Endowment Fund.



  • Mission Focused rather than Operational Expense Focused
  • Greater Mission Impact
  • Greater Sustainability
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Grows with Inflation

We have decided to launch a new chapter in HALI Capital Group. Although we will still accept investment from for profit investors, our focus is to help non-profits establish an endowment fund which will be managed through our fund. By investing non-profit assets into small business, we hope to create sustainable operations for these non-profits so they can focus on their mission rather than having to worry about keeping the doors open. If you know someone who owns a 501 (c)3 or other non-profit, we would like to meet them and show them why having an endowment fund is the most important thing they can do to sustain operations.

An endowment is established when you and your donors consciously build a reserve for the purpose of creating a financial bedrock for the organization.  An endowment can also be a very positive symbol that shows the community and potential donors that your organization is not a fly-by-night operation. It signals that yours is a flush organization that plans to be around for a very long time—this alone can bring large donations to your door.


Endowment campaigns are visible community events that give donors a new reason to contribute to an organization that seems to be serious about planning for the future.  Endowment building is a strategic decision that requires management attention and a relationship with donors.  At HALI Capital we are prepared to commit resources for managing both money and people to help build your endowment and maximize its investment potential.




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